Bašta Zeta is Community, Food Bank and Kid’s Education Garden.

Our Garden School Spring Semester is Called…


Classes begin Saturday, March 18th – May 27th (no class April 15th)

Classes are always Saturdays!
Garden Gates open 9am-12pm
Garden school classes 10-11:30am

We will learn about…
-Bees, Birds, Butterflies and even Bats up close and personal! 🐝 🦅 🦋 🦇
– plant and animal life cycles 🐛
– ecosystems and permaculture 🪴
– Buds and flowers 💐
– how we can protect our Pollinators!🌍

Help us plant… 🌱
-fruits and veggies for our local soup kitchens and class snacks! 🥬 🍅
-our Spring Earth & Solar Garden 🌎 ☀️
-A 🌈 Rainbow Flower Garden
– A Taco and Salsa Garden 🌮
– a butterfly garden
And So Much More!

*all Saturday classes are free of charge and open to families and kids of all ages!
*Class in English with Montenegrin translation
*Field trips available for schools on weekdays. Message me for more information.


Our Past Garden School Seasons!

Sta Radimo? What do we Do?

  • Besplatne edukativne radionice subotom o prirodi i baštovanstvu za djecu i porodicu
  • Izlete za lokalne škole
  • Svježe proizvode za podgoričke banke hrane i narodne kuhinje
  • Mjesto na kome će lokalna zajednica moći da nauči o organskoj proizvodnji
  • Bioraznolik prostor za floru i faunu prostora oko rijeke Zete
  • Free Saturday Morning Educational workshops about nature and gardening for kids and families
  • Field trips for Local Schools
  • Fresh produce for Podgorica’s Food shelters
  • A place for the community to learn about organic food practices
  • a bio diverse space for the flora and fauna of the Zeta River region

Bašta Zeta is located along the Zeta river in Spuž

Stologlav BB, Spuž

10 minuets from
Millennium Bridge

How We Learn @bastazeta

Bašta Zeta je projekat nevladine organizacije Operation Mobilization. Naš program je besplatan, ali prihvatamo donacije.

Bašta Zeta is a non-profit project of the NGO Operation Mobilization, programs are free but we accept donations!

Paypal Link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mccourtneys

About me

Garden Vision

Vizija Bašte

Zdravo, ja sam Andrea. Radila sam kao učitelica ekologije, razvijajući školske baštenske programe, nastavne planove i programe za javne i privatne škole. Želim da osnujem omladinsku edukativnu baštu pored reke Zete, u blizini glavnog grada Podgorice, u Crnoj Gori.

Hello My name is Andrea. I moved to Montenegro in 2012. My husband Jesse and I have 4 amazing sons who we have the privilege to educate at home. In 2020 we opened Bašta Zeta as away to share our passion for connecting kids to nature in Montenegro. We also hope to open a summer camp program about ecology and conservation in our forest by the river called Šuma Zeta.

How You Can Help


We need…
– Kitchen Scraps (fruits and Vegetables)
– Newspaper
– Used Garden Supplies and Boots

Become a Volunteer

We will be hosting garden work days, contact me for more information! Tel: 067-198-314

Send Donation

We are committed to organic gardening and need to begin developing location and building soil now. We need funds to start breaking ground on garden beds, installing irrigation, and building fences! Help us by giving financially!